“For every order received we will plant trees or donate goats to third world villages” read more

Rowat and Gray’s Environmental Policy

Rowat and Gray are committed to providing quality service and products at the same time moving progressively to Sustainability.

We hope to raise awareness of environmental issues and integrate sound environmental policies and strategies into our business with the overall aim of protecting the environment for future generations.

Today environmental issues encompass our total impact on the planet, including the impact on communities and individuals as well as the more traditional, historical approach of safe guarding natural habitats and ecosystems. Thus we will strive to evaluate and minimise our impacts holistically and aim to limit our impacts not only on the natural environment by having an Environmental policy, but also on people and communities by having a Corporate Social Responsibility Policy. This means we will source our products in an environmental and ethical manner to the best of our ability through our procurement policy.

Our Clients: Rowat and Gray are committed to the needs of our clients and aim to commit to a sustainable, evolving future through well thought out policies. We aim to encourage feedback off our clients every step of the way throughout this process by keeping you regularly updated on our activities and achievements.

Rowat and Gray Aims to protect our planet

We aim to minimise our total impact on the whole environment (Eco footprint). This includes impacts to Air Water and Land, Wildlife and Ecosystems, as well as the built environment, our heritage, communities and individuals.

Specifically we aim to reduce our Carbon footprint to minimise our contribution to carbon dioxide emissions, the Greenhouse effect and Global Warming.

We also aim to reduce our contribution to Ozone depleting chemicals.

Rowat and Gray will aim to actively engage in Environmental, social and ethical initiatives. Actions such donating gifts to Third world countries to help them achieve sustainable development. This includes working with organisations and Charities such as Plan.

Through sponsoring a child in terms of their education and basic well being, as well as contributing to the basic living provisions of their village, things that we take for granted, such as sanitation, immunisation and health.

Children are our future.

They carry our hopes and dreams for the World.


‘I wish for peace, love, happiness and friendship.’
Wilfran Blanco, 10, Colombia.



Also for every Kitchen we sell we will buy
a Goat for a third world Village!

The gift of a goat to a family through this program brings the hope of economic independence, especially for women and children. “It works with communities today, we encourage women to develop the opportunity in this tradition by helping them to convert the gift of a single goat into a small herd or a milk-selling business, thus boosting their income. The women will use the money to provide for their children’s health and education”.


For every floor we sell we will plant a tree

How are we managing our sustainable raw materials?
We have maintained good progress across a wide range of raw materials and products that we procure. We source our products from companies that achieve outstanding environmental standards. One of our main kitchen suppliers Symphony has achieved the BS ISO 140001 the prestigious environmental management system. The company is the first in the UK to gain Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) status and is a member of PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) scheme, the largest certification scheme of its kind. It promotes sustainable environmental development and has an auditable track record of its products from source. The PEFC scheme maintains strict environmental, social and economic standards, and supports the social sector achieve the Government’s EcoHomes rating.

Sustainable textiles (carpets and rugs)
Lano, one of our suppliers of carpets are achieving ISO 14001 this year and are committed to reducing their impacts on the environment to such an extent that they will now only commit to manufacturing environmental friendly carpets. A careful analysis of energy and waste audits has led to the development of state of the art weaving technology to reduce environmental impacts and the prioritisation of renewable resources.
We also endorse Vorwerk Carpets, their carpet tiles have led the way in terms of innovation in that they provide a whole new generation of purely textile tiles. They provide a more sustainable alternative by virtue of its eco design compared to traditional PVC or bitumen backing in order to reduce their environmental impacts. Sustainability is central to the company’s ethos considering environmental factors from “cradle to Grave” and achieving an almost Carbon neutral status through considerate eco-design technology.

Sustainable Vinyl Flooring
One of our flooring specialists Bolon has long been a pioneer in environmental stewardship and has also achieved the ISO 14001 standard. The company has recently embarked on its Bolon® Green Strategy, its main aim is to be able to offer a completely environmentally adapted and climate neutral product. Part of their agenda is to use 100% renewable raw materials in its products, with its origin based purely from plants.
Rowat and Gray welcome companies with Green agendas and aim to further extend our network of business associates that also have an appreciation of the environment. The companies that we deal with have environmental strategies which include:

  • Recycling and reducing waste
  • Enhancing or improving energy and water efficiency (water footprint)
  • Consider fair trade and organic resources wherever possible
  • Strive towards sustainable transport policies
  • Aim to achieve carbon neutral status
  • Respect local culture and heritage

Ensuring consistency and commitment.
Rowat and Gray take our environmental responsibility seriously. We are committed to reviewing our policies through environmental reviews and monitoring our impacts and those of our suppliers. We now have an Environmental and educational advisor, who will be helping us to keep on track with current environmental issues. She will be available through our site to answer any questions about our services and products and provide you with educational resources to keep you informed and be better able to make better choices for you and for the environment.